London Marathon 2018

11 May

Sunday 22nd April = London Marathon

With record temperatures already exceeding 20 degrees at 10am, it was always going to be an extra tough race.  There was a record number of runners this year – over 386,000 applied, with over 40,000 registration packs collected – 40,153 competitors completed the course.

Due to an injury, Sally Keys was unable to participate in the event with her sister Jane Hopkins, which left 5 CPJ to start the race.  Ellen Flanagan was the CPJ ballot winner for her place.  It was the first marathon for both Ellen and Jane Hopkins.  Ray Selwyn gained his entry as ‘Good for Age’ and has lost count of the number of times he has completed the London Marathon, and records don’t go back far enough to check!  Mike Hopkins and Clive Dunnico were the remaining CPJ to cross the start line.  Unfortunately, Clive had to withdraw from the race halfway due to heat exhaustion.


Mike Hopkins 4.18.18
Ray Selwyn 3.54.08
Ellen Flanagan 4.25.21
Jane Hopkins 6.14.03
Clive Dunnico DNF


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