New Weekly Training Session


New Weekly Training Session

Start time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm - Categories: Events, Social - -

The new session will embody the club’s ethos of Fitness Fun and Friendship:


The training will be based on short intervals of running with recovery between them (in reality the recovery is a chance to chat and have a laugh while you get your breath back!)

The group is for all abilities everyone works within their own limits. Anyone who can run or jog 5 km will be able take a full part in the session.

The training is great for improving stamina and leg speed and enabling you to improve -whatever your favourite distance or simply to maintain your general fitness


The sessions will be varied from week to week to ensure that they are fun and interesting and providing something for everyone

Success will be measured by monitoring SPM (smiles per minute) within the group.


It is very rewarding to work in a group there is great camaraderie and lots of support and encouragement nobody will be pressurised or left behind.

Check the Castle Point Joggers Facebook group or the news page for more details and possible changes to venues, etc

(Please not these sessions will now start at 6.45pm )

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