Bluebell 5 2019

19 May

Bluebell 5

As normal for recent years, it was a gloriously sunny morning for the Bluebell 5. A bumper turnout of 45 CPJ ran the course, which was lined with many friends and family showing their support.

Adam Hemsworth chose this event as his first 5 mile race and was the first CPJ to finish in 9th position in a time of 33.47. In his first race as a CPJ member, Aaron Gosling was the next to finish in 12th 34.09. Other top 100 finishers: Stephanie Migliorini 31st 36.19, Daniel Hobbs 42nd 38.13, Mike Hopkins 45th 38.33, Simon Evans 66th and Derek Page 67th both in 40.13, Gary Clifford 74th 41.25 (PB) and Tracey Bradley 79th 41.49. Finishers 100-200 were Justin Macal 108th 44.49, Brian Butcher 110th 45.03, Tina Victory 120th 45.41 (PB), Tina Burton 126th 46.12, Ray Vautier 128th 46.16, Barry Groom 136th 46.30, Robert Higgon 150th 48.06, Joanne Reeves 169th 50.18 (PB), Beverly Markham 177th 50.59, Ryan Fox 178th 51.01 (PB), Sarah Hemsworth 186th 51.40, Miles Wilson 186th 51.40, Laura Hemsworth 188th 51.45, Amanda Skeggs 194th 52.13 and Gillian Victory 197th 52.32. Remaining finishers were Nick Livemore 53.41, Yvette Hobbs 54.39, Nicola Peek 55.20, Kay Gill 55.47, Keith Dorrington 56.05, Sergio de Milo Barbeitos 57.03, Claire Rainbird 57.07, Karen Avison 57.15, Karen Batt 59.08, Samantha Evans 59.51, Dan Burch 59.59, Beverley Newman 1:00.58, Amie Bright 1:01.52, Nicki McKemmie-Watson and Jane Hopkins 1:01.53, Laura Livemore 1:03.20, Catherine Staines 1:03.31, Joanne Groom 1:03.36, Beryl Wiseman 1:06.25, Lara Butteriss 1:13.23 and Janet Clifford 1:14.51.

“My first run in a Castle Point Joggers vest. What a club, great camaraderie and support for everyone. Thank you to those cheering us on, taking photos and for organizing the day.”

“Just 4 weeks after the Brighton disaster it was good to be out running the Bluebell 5 mile race with some great friends!
I crossed the finish line in 51:01 which is about a 4 minute PB in comparison to last year so I’m happy!”

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