Benfleet 15 in a Blizzard

24 Jan

Nine Castle Point Joggers completed the brutal course on one of the most awful weather days of the year!

Richard Bonham was the first CPJ to cross the line in 100th position in a time of 1.56.28.  Rick Wade just scraped under 2 hours in an impressive 1.59.57.  Ryan Fox chose this event as his first one representing Castle Point Joggers, finishing a fraction over 3 hours in 3.00.59.  The remaining CPJ finishers were John Sweeney 2.03.37, Lee Andrews 2.14.05, Mike Hopkins 2.14.12, Ian Hart 2.17.53, Mark Whitney 2.34.48 and Ty McKeown 2.42.52.

Well done guys. We salute you !

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