A very Big Half !

10 Mar

The Big Half

We had a fantastic turnout at this event, despite the weather doing its worst to put people off and disrupt their final week of training!

34 CPJ completed the course, on what turned out to be a surprisingly nice weather day!

3 CPJ chose this as their first ever Half Marathon – June Freed 1:56.39, Paul Varker 1:58.03 and Kairen Hart 2:20.04 and a whopping 8 CPJ achieved new PBs – Rick Wade 1:33.26, Martin Howlett 1:35.04, John Sweeney 1:37.10, Gareth Smith 1:54.59, Carol Wraight 2:02.32 (11 minutes off), Carol Hardy 2:06.57, Karen Sweeney 2:20.37 (14 minutes off) and Karen Batt 2:39.30 (CPJ debut).

Richard Bonham was the first male CPJ to finish, coming in 636th in a time of 1:27.14 and Christina Edwards was the first CPJ lady 1:50.00.

Remaining finishers: Male – Colin Dunn 1:42.47, Cliff King 1:45.00, Kevin Victory 1:58.50, Mike Hayward 1:59.05, John Archer 1:59.47, Rob Higgon 2:01.13, Ben Avery 2:29.40, Clive Dunnico 3:30.41. Female – Ellen Flanagan 1:56.36, Anne Hoeb 1:56.49, Tracey Bradley 1:57.55, Debbie Dunn 2.02.51, Tracy Sodeau 2.07.58, Tina Victory 2.22.43, Jan Steed 2.22.44, Jayne Hayward 2.28.11, Laura Avery 2.29.39, Sandra Hockley 2.30.38, Clair Evans 2.33.04, Maria Thorne 2.34.56 and Helen Leovald 2.54.39.

It was a real family affair, with 5 married couples (and one Dad!): John & Karen Sweeney, Colin & Debbie Dunn, Kevin & Tina Victory, Mike & Jayne Hayward and Ben & Laura Avery (and Dad Rob Higgon!)



Gareth Smith

A year older and a couple of mins quicker!  (Birthday was the day before)


Martin Howlett

PB for me!  3 plus minutes off… V happy! Highly recommend the course”


Anne Hoeb

Amazing atmosphere with great support especially from my wonderful running club. Personal highlight was running across the iconic Tower Bridge with speckles of rain on my face and my name being chanted over the tannoy.


Karen Sweeney

The Big Half all done in 2hrs 20mins, no more long runs ever!!! If anyone even hears of me considering anything over 10km, you have permission to shoot me!


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